New Traffic Dynamite Testimonial

Praise for Traffic Dynamite

I just received this cool Testimonial from a dedicated Traffic Dynamite member:

“Traffic Dynamite has alot to Offer new members and as well as the usual facilities…..

there is also a  LOT More to this Program than meets the eye, explore it carefully and prepare for quality hits to your programs!

Because you really do get the Most “Bang” for your Buck Here!
And you will get Bigger and Better recommendations for this Traffic Exchange as time passes by.
Recommended #1 by Michael Sharp!”



Happy New Year from Mark E Brown & Traffic Dynamite

I want to express my wishes for your most happy and fulfilling year of success in 2016.

May the blessings of abundance be with you each and every day!

Thank you for being a Traffic Dynamite member,

Mark Edward Brown – Proud Owner

Happy New Year from Traffic Dynamite




New Traffic Program Added to Traffic Dynamite Downline Builder

A new traffic program called Wild Hog Hits has been added to the Traffic Dynamite Downline Builder. - Where Your Ride Begins And The Traffic Never Ends!

Wild Hog Hits is a Free Traffic Exchange program which is owned by  Bruce Moses. Bruce has over 12 Years Marketing Offline and luvs cycling.   There is no cost to join Wild Hog Hits and it’s ease of use is top notch.

After joining this program I was very impressed with how easy it was to  navigate through the members area. The layout of the members area  is logically arranged for you to be able to get set up quickly and start bringing traffic to your websites in no time.

Here are some of the features that you will enjoy when you join:

Prize Pages, Letter Surf Game, Jackpots, Surf4Cash, Dynamic Surf Rates,  Mloop, Surf Chat, Dynamic Upgrades, Surf Booster, Activity Points, and  10% – 30% Commissions for purchases and your referrals upgrades.

You can join WHH here =>

This program rocks and I would suggest that anyone who’s looking for quality traffic join up right now. There’s a whole lot to gain from being a member and hey, be sure to take the special offer… (you’ll know what I mean when you join)

Overall here is how I rate Wild Hog Hits using the star method for ranking.
1 star is not so good and 5 star’s is among the Best:

Performance: *****
User Friendly: *****
Cost: *****
Support: ****
Results: *****
Features: *****

Special Note: Bruce is the father of Dan Moses who is an experienced and successful traffic expert. I personally know Dan so I can fully vouch for his Dad, Bruce – this is a no brainer program that you should join right now:

Here’s to your explosive traffic success,

Mark Brown – Proud Owner